New MTN Ghana Free Internet Trick on AnonyTun VPN in April 2019

As I promised you my fellow friends that I'm going to post Zambia,Uganda and Ghana Free Internet this week so I'm busy working on this project to make free internet for Ghana, Uganda,Zambia ❤

So this free internet trick is quite easy to set and quite easy to use but MTN capped the host it was Unlimited data from last week but now it's 200MB per day and sometimes it's 1GB per day. Which means this free internet cheat is not Unlimited now

Today's free internet is MTN Ghana free internet .but it has capped data and it browses and do social networking

So here we gonna use Anonytun VPN settings to get connected through the vpn app and get free internet. And all that is required is you to be honest and focus to set these simple settings

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1. Your MTN Ghana simcard with zero credit and data
2. An Android device
3. the Anonytun VPN app
4. Patience for your connection to go through(5-10 seconds)


MTN Zambia Free Unlimited Internet using AnonyTun VPN 2019

I stopped posting free internet tricks public for some region for some time now in my channel, but now Im back for good

This week i will be posting free unlimited tricks for different countries and i will also include new countries to my working list

Todays free internet trick is also for  Globe users in Philippine and the trick browses and downloads without limits. 
Though i used AnonyTun VPN in this post, you guys can still use other tunnelers to still achieve the same aim. All that is required is for you to simply port the settings any tunneler that you want to use.
PC, iOS, Symbian, Android users can all benefit from this trick. Just simply follow the procedures below and enjoy it while it lasts before ports gots closed

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1. Your MTN simcard with zero credit and data
2. An Android device
3. the Anonytun VPN app
4. Patience for your connection to go through (5-10 seconds)

1. Click here to download AnonyTun V…

Psiphon Free Unlimited Internet Trick On Orange Cameroon

Today i have created a new fresh trick for Orange Cameroon. This trick is very simple to configure and as well gives super speed on their network This trick is directed towards PC users since most users of the Orange Cameroon are PC users. Still, users on Android and iOS can still make use of this trick by applying the simple configuration as seen below.

Requirements: 1. An Orange Cameroon sim card with zero data  2. A Android device, iOS or PC 3. Psiphon Pro VPN on Playstore 4. The configuration settings
This method is recommended for everyone, however, this method sometimes suffers disconnection
1. Click Here to download Psiphon or any tunneler app of your choice.
2. Install the app and then open

Netflix Gift Card now available in South Africa

f you perhaps need to hint at some Netflix and chill, well here’s your chance. The streaming giant has confirmed that its Gift Cards are coming to SA. The Netflix Gift Card is a prepaid voucher which entitles the owner to stream Netflix to the value loaded on the card. Gift Cards can be loaded with between R150 to R1 000 and they don’t expire. For example, a gift card loaded with R200 will give you two months of Netflix streaming on the basic plan (1 device in SD); R139 will give you one month of Netflix streaming on the standard plan (2 devices in HD), and a gift card loaded with R169 will give you 1 month Netflix streaming on the premium plan (4 devices in HD or Ultra HD). You can create up to five profiles on each subscription.   Anyone with access to a compatible device for streaming (PC, tablet, mobile phone or console) can use a Netflix Gift Card. Existing Netflix members can use the Gift Card to top up their Netflix account credit, while those who do not yet have an account can re…

#Datafree Moya Messenger is free in South African ISPs

Moya Messenger is a world first #datafree messaging app. No airtime? No Worries!....I hope you gonna enjoy this amazing communication APK that is free on any ISP In South Africa. Like Telkom,MTN,Vodacom

1. Android Device
2. Any South African SIM card
3. Make sure you have 0 credit SIM card
4. #Datafree Moya Messenger Apk. Apk. Download HERE

Like WhatsApp but no data cost!

Send unlimited text messages for no data cost. Even when you have zero airtime or data balance. Too good to be true? Try it and see. No catch. Features: UNLIMITED TEXT: 100% #datafree*GROUP CHAT #datafree.END-TO-END SECURITY: automatic end-to-end encryption of all messages.MESSAGE ATTACHMENTS: fully supported, but not #datafree **CONTACTS: automatically find contacts who have Moya.ALWAYS LOGGED IN: never miss a message.OFFLINE MESSAGES: messages saved when your phone is off.*No data charges for text messages when you use a Moya mobile network partner SIM. **Attachments fully supported, such as photos, videos…

MTN Nigeria N0.0K Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat with HTTP Injector

I looked surprised when I saw this bug it was capped on the limit of 10mb but now it increased the limit to 1GB or Unlimited to another sim cards....but this is not Mpulse cheat yet

This new browsing cheat from MTN works with No airtime and does not require any subscription at all like the MPulse cheat. Below is the settings for the MTN N0 tweak using HTTP Injector.

>> Android Device or PC >> MTN sim with no airtime or active data plan. >> HTTP injector. Download HERE >> HTTP Injector configuration file.  Download HERE
HTTP Injector settings for MTN N0.0 Browsing Tweak >> Download and Install HTTP injector from HERE >> Download the MTN N0.0K config file HERE. >> Launch the App and click on the file icon (Second icon at the top right corner of the screen. >> Click on Import Config.
>> locate the MTN N0.0K config file you just downloaded and click on import. >> After that, just click on Start and wait for it connect.

Latest MTN Nigeria Mpulse Power All Apps Cheat

I took a lot of time making this Tweakware config that works with Mpulse data on MTN Nigeria isp

1. Android Device 2. MTN Nigeria SIM Card 3. Mpulse Subscribition 4. Tweakware APK. Download here 5. Tweakware Config. Download here

This cheat is working well and you must make sure that you have money to buy the Mpulse data and Connect my strong cheat and browse powered all apps trick
Latest MTN MPulse Data Subscription:
>> First, migrate to MTN mPulse tariff plan by dialing *344*1#. >> Subscribe to the mPulse 1.2GB for N150 monthly bundle by dialing *344*2*1*2# or you can check other MPulse data plans HERE.

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